As a Leader

Blue Dreaming (2014) - with Marty Jaffe, Paul Wiltgen, Eric Miller, Michael Zsoldos and special guests Matt Wilson and Martin Wind. 

Opening (2005) with Jon Fisher and Alex Derian - (out of print)

Midnight (2002) with Ross Bellenoit, Ben Jaffe, Caley Monahan-Ward, Sean Pentland and Chris Frantz-Dale. (out of print)



As a Co-Leader

"Light Magnet" (2017) with Holophonor - Dave Robaire, Mike Cottone, Eric Miller, Josh Johnson, Jonathan Pinson, Diego Urbano - World Galaxy/Alpha Pup Records = produced by Wayne Shorter

"Holophonor" (2014) Self titled debut album - Same personnel as "Light Magnet"

"Contemplation and Play"  (2011) with John Sprague

"The Paislies" (2007) - Self Titled Debut - with Paul Wiltgen, Jesse Lewis, Samir Zarif, Perry Wortman and Eliot Cardinaux. Fresh Sound/New Talent

"Trio Mission" (2000)- Self Titled Debut - with Riley Godleski and Chris Frantz-Dale (out of print)



As a Sideman

Claudia Schmidt - "Hark the Dark" 

Michael Zsoldos - "Off The Cuff"

Samirah Evans - "Hot Club"

Moonlight and Morning Star - "Fantasy"

Philip Dizack - "Beyond a Dream"

Robert Macgregor - "Refraction of Light"

Jacqueline Odess-Gillett - "Open the Door to Your Heart"

Sonya Kitchell - "Words Came Back to Me"

Tony Lechner - "The Rosewood Project"



Guest Appearances

Alex Snydman - "Fortunate Action"

Dante Winslow - "Enter the Dynasty"

John Sprague - "Moving Spaces"

Tao Jam - "Greetings from the Other Side"

Peter Bormuth - "Homeland Security"

John Kuhn - "Three Rivers"