Miro has upcoming shows in new england, Los angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. For more info visit the events page

Miro will be on tour June 6-16 with Australian vocalist and composer Kristin Berardi. Kristin and Miro will be performing duo in San Francisco and Seattle and with Christian Euman and Alex Boneham in LA and Ingrid Jensen, Marty Jaffe and Jerome Jennings in NYC. For more info visit the events page.

Miro will be teaching June 22-29 at Interplay Jazz Camp Meriden,NH

Go to interplayjazzandarts.org for more info

Miro Sprague is a very gifted young pianist. His lyrical and harmonic senses are beautiful and adventurous. Even though he has a great technical command of the instrument, his technique always serves the story that he is telling. I look for great things from him in the very near future.
— Billy Childs, Grammy Award Winning Pianist and Composer